Our Story

Our founder and principal consultant is passionate about sustainable processes. During 20+ years at a Fortune 25 financial institution, he has witnessed the practice of data management take center stage in the C-suite. However, the derailers to success have been the lack of both business accountability for the data and applying business process management discipline to the data management function (see Post: Derailers to Data Management Success).



Accidently doing it right once has no value if you can’t repeat your success.


Doing it right but different across your organization creates arbitrary hurdles to effectively delivering quality data enterprise-wide.

FutureDATA was founded specifically to address these challenges by bringing together a business-centric data management consulting team who can leverage the DCAM™ industry standards for core capability process optimization and execution. We realize one size will not fit all and can help an organization customize the standards to their unique structure and culture.

FutureDATA is a vetted network of highly experienced boutique consultancies and independent consultants. Our consulting delivery model rides the wave of the exploding independent contractor marketplace.  Our vetting process ensures selection of the right talent to meet the unique needs of the client.

Our Mission

We measure our success by empowering organizations with sustainable data management capabilities to deliver data as the foundation for knowledge, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Value Proposition

  • High quality consulting at lower cost
  • Flexibility to choose from a pool of consultants
  • Consultants with experience in Data Management, Process Optimization, and target industries
  • Experience with the "open design" process and EDM Council DCAM™ Authorized Partner toolset

Next Steps...

Contact us to explore how our services can support your data management program to deliver data as the foundation for knowledge.


Become a Partner

FutureDATA is always looking to grow the partner network of independent consultants.