FutureDATA Principal and Partner Consultants are actively engaged in the EDM Council to support the development and refinement of standard data management processes and tools.

DCAM™ is an industry standard framework for the What - the core capabilities that should exist in a comprehensive data management function.

FutureDATA Consultants support clients with the How - leveraging the industry standards for core capability process design and execution customized to the unique needs of the individual client.

FutureDATA is a DCAM™ Authorized Partner having met training and certification requirements across key Principal and Partner Consultants.

Data Management Function Capabilities

Data Management StrategyDefining the data management strategy that empowers a business to excel.

Data Management Program - Organizing the people and processes into sustainable execution routines.

Data Governance - Establishing the framework for controlling the data.

Data Content - Delivering the business process defined data meaning.

Data Quality - Validating the data is fit for its intended purposes.

Data Collaboration - Engaging all data ecosystem stakeholders to reconcile complex data requirements into a simple data set and technology platform.

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FutureData Services

Capability Assessment

Facilitating the data management capabilities review across an organization leading to strategic and tactical observations that empower the business to excel.

Capability Process Optimization

Leveraging industry best practices to complete initial design or continuous improvement of the six core data management capabilities across an organization.

Capability Execution

Providing strategic leadership or tactical resources for executing specific data management projects always in partnership with internal resources to ensure collaboration and knowledge transfer.

At its core data management is data management regardless of industry.

FutureData Industry Focus

FutureDATA primary industry focus:

Financial Services

Since 2008, regulators have mandated escalating requirements for managing the quality of data in regulatory reporting. As a pioneer in data management, best practice tools and processes are emerging from across the industry. Now is the time to leverage the various one-off best practices and formally integrate them into a comprehensive set of standardized data management tools and processes applicable to all industries.


Data interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem will produce incredible opportunities for patient care and operational efficiency. Critical to success is creating a controlled data environment starting at the point of data capture integrated into the patient care process.  Standardized data management tools and processes are required.

Public Sector

The public sector is affected by the same market forces impacting private sector industries.  Citizens are demanding holistic engagement with government and transparency to their data.  Businesses are demanding access to the vast array of public domain data. And government administrators are increasingly discovering the budget savings available from quality data and process automation.  Standardized data management tools and processes are required.

FutureDATA Team

The FutureData​ ​Consulting​ Team ​is​ ​a​ ​network​ ​of​ ​affiliated​​ ​senior​ ​level​ ​independent consultants.​ We assemble a team with the right balance of data management and industry knowledge to achieve the specific objectives of the client engagement.

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