Resource Engagement Model

The FutureData Team is a network of senior level independent consultants. We assemble a team with the right balance of data management and industry knowledge to achieve the specific objectives of the client engagement.


This model is similar to a movie production company which is only operational when a production is underway.  Most of the talent and crew are freelancers. While the production process remains constant, the collection of talent and skills are unique to the needs of the current movie.

Principal Consultant



Mark McQueen - Nashville, TN USA

  • Founder FutureDATA Consulting
  • 15+ years business process optimization and data management
  • 20+ years Fortune 25 financial service operations
  • 10+ years small business strategy, marketing, and knowledge management
  • International project assignment experience
  • EDM Council DCAM™ Foundations and Applied Accredited
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Design and Lean Certified
  • Strategic Foresight Certified - University of Houston

Partner Consultants

FutureDATA was founded specifically to assemble a business-centric data management consulting team who can leverage the DCAM™ industry standards for core capability process optimization and execution.

The FutureDATA Partner Consultant Team leaders each have 15+ years of direct Data Managment, Business Process Management, and/or Program Management experience.


Gareth Isaac - London, UK

  • Data Content
  • Data Quality
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Collaboration


Joe Page - Nashville, TN USA
Page Resource Group

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Strategy Development & Alignment
  • Organizational Development
  • Learning & Development
  • 6 Sigma Master Black Belt


David Kowalski - Princeton, NJ USA
Midas Advisory Services

  • Data Governance
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Program

Tejasvi Addagada

Tejasvi Addagada - Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  • Data Quality
  • Data Content
  • Data Strategy

Affiliate Partners

FutureDATA affiliates with partner firms who have unique but complementary capabilities or product offerings to help execute a comprehensive data management program.

FutureDATA is an Enterprise Data Management Council (EDM Council) Data Management Capabilities Assessment Model (DCAM™) Authorized Partner having met training and certification requirements across key Principal and Partner Consultants.

In addition, FutureDATA provides consulting services to the EDM Council supporting the development of the Data Management Best Practices Program.

Primary Contact: Michael Meriton

Ortecha offers proven expertise in design and implementation of innovative enterprise data management services and solutions.

Above all, we understand data inside out: what it means to your business and how to turn data problems into business opportunities.

Primary Contact: Pete Youngs

HotQuant provides a toolkit to build and operate data management systems.

Our solutions solve the challenges faced by complex data management efforts, and 100% of our customers rate their experience with HotQuant as successful.

Primary Contact: Adam Roderick


Become a Partner

FutureDATA is always looking to grow the network of independent consultants.