Wisdom of the Crowd

FutureDATA and Partners actively promote open design to advance the development of industry standard Data Management processes and tools. As a thought leader, we openly share the best of our thinking and experiences. The wisdom of many is greater than one. If you can use our best thinking without us - have at it. However, we just request that you share your improvements back with all.

Most consulting firms want clients to believe that they have found the secret sauce and are willing to sell their secrets. At FutureDATA we have no secrets. We believe that the best knowledge is the knowledge that has been created by all and shared freely.

Organizing Knowledge

The Design Network is organized using a Data Management Capabilities Framework as informed by the EDMC DCAM. All content aligns to the six Data Management Capabilities (listed in the right side panel).

In the Design Network Knowledge Library, each capability has an Overview that contains; Scope, Value Proposition and a listing of required Capability Constructs. As the constructs are formally documented, they will be added to the Library. Those already posted are linked from the list of constructs in the Capability Overview.

This is just the start. It is the framework for the processes and constructs to be assembled from our collective best practice and formalized to support a consistent, repeatable and sustainable data culture in our organizations.

Working with you and other practitioners the Network will create practical HOW-side executions for Data Management. For all to succeed you must join the crowd: contribute, debate, and collaborate.

Join the Crowd

You are invited to join the DataMgmt Design Network. Be a thought leader, review our best thinking, and respond with your comment or alternative approach. The goal: sustainable data culture with industry standard process capabilities.

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Data Management Capabilities Framework

Data Management Strategy - Defining the data management strategy that empowers a business to excel.

Data Management Program - Organizing the people and processes into sustainable execution routines.

Data Governance - Establishing the framework for controlling the data.

Data Content - Delivering the business process defined data meaning.

Data Quality - Validating the data is fit for its intended purposes.

Data Collaboration - Engaging all data ecosystem stakeholders to reconcile complex data requirements into a simple data set and technology platform.

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