Success Story: Capability Process Optimization

Problem Statement

To comply with regulatory mandates the global wholesale banking unit of a Fortune 25 financial institution accepted accountability for their business process produced data. This required a new working relationship between the Business and Technology stakeholders and subsequent design and execution of a complete complement of data management capability, processes, and procedures.


  • Establish an operating model to clarify Business and Technology accountabilities for data.
  • Leverage the core capability framework of DCAM™ to develop processes and procedures for execution.
  • Optimize stakeholder resource alignment to strategic enterprise priorities.

FutureDATA Service

  • This project was executed by the FutureDATA Principal Consultant while employed as an internal executive of the organization.
  • Establish the data management program vision.
  • Engage executive and operational level stakeholders to secure an operating model agreement.
  • Facilitate operational level stakeholder engagement in process design across six data management capabilities.
  • Draft and deploy procedure playbooks for operational execution roles.
  • Manage control plan for adoption of the program across all stakeholders.


  1. Stakeholder Operating Model
  2. Stakeholder RACI Matrix
  3. Data Management Capability Process Flows
  4. Data Management Capability Procedural Playbooks
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