Success Story: Data Management Business Glossary

Problem Statement

As the EDM Council began to collect Data Management Best Practices from members, the lack of common industry language became an obstacle. They require a shared understanding of basic data management terms.


  • Establish common data management terminology to support the development of industry standard data management practices.
  • Provide clear, concise and user-friendly term names and definitions.
  • Provide context in the form of commentary where needed for clarity.

FutureDATA Service

  • Establish a workgroup of 60+ subject matter experts across 140 terms aligned to the core capabilities of DCAM™.
  • Collect published definitions from member organizations and general Internet research.
  • Draft a proposed definition and supporting contextual commentary.
  • Facilitate review with the member workgroup and DCAM™ experts for refinement.
  • Publish glossary in electronic format to full membership.


  1. Glossary Design Process
  2. Glossary Content
  3. Glossary Governance and Maintenance Process
  4. Internet Accessible Glossary
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